Streamline patent prosecution and strategically address examiner rejections

The Rowan Patents Prosecution module leverages our industry leading drafting capabilities to bring automation, improved efficiency, and enhanced consistency to repetitive tasks within patent prosecution. It will save valuable time and help a prosecutor produce stronger responses.

An integrated drafting environment that is engineered from the ground up to simplify the patent process

  • Increase Efficiency

    Reduce the time it takes to respond to Office actions by using the automated shell package generator, response writer, and other automations

  • Focus on High Value Work

    Focus on the content of your response to examiner rejections instead of spending your time assembling and poring through all the various documents referenced in the Office action

  • Improve Your Bottom Line

    Smart automation helps patent practitioners draft more Office action responses in less time with higher quality.

I want to thank you for making our lives easier with Rowan Patents. I recently had to scramble to generate a shell for my outside counsel and the PDF converter in Rowan Patents enabled me to do it in just a few clicks.

Patent Paralegal Manager, Fortune 500 corporation


Accelerate patent prosecution by automating the tedious tasks. Focus on the high-value aspect of drafting strategic responses with the help of data, automation, and other tools.