In-House IP Attorney Increases Drafting Speed by Switching from Word to Rowan Patents

“If you’re still writing patent applications in Word, you are missing out!”

Nathan Whitlock is an Intellectual Property Attorney in-house at AGCO Corporation, following 9 years in private practice. Before law school he worked as an engineer in rocket motor development for the U.S. Department of Defense.

While at his firm, he began using Rowan Patents to draft his applications. Upon his move to AGCO, and after a while of reverting to older technology, he convinced his new team to give the Rowan patent drafting software a try.

Nathan gets the biggest benefit by drafting his applications in Rowan Patents. He likes that he is not tied to what he names elements at the beginning, because he may decide to change the name of a part, and Rowan allows that change effortlessly. Prior to his use of Rowan, he would keep a side document as a “cheat sheet” with part names and numbers, copying and pasting the part names and numbers into his applications while drafting. Not having to remember what name or number he used speeds up his drafting in Rowan Patents and allows him to focus on the content of the claims and description.

“I spend my time getting the claim language the way I like it. And once I’ve done that, then the rest of the application goes really fast. Rowan Patents makes everything easy. When I have to make changes, they are easier than with Microsoft Word.”