Innovative Patent Firm Uses Rowan Patents to Maintain Quality

Kiklis & Clark was founded on two core principles: experience and innovation. Put them together, and it equals value. Kimani Clark and Michael Kiklis, the founding partners, share over 50 years of experience, have represented more than 20 Fortune 500 companies, and focus on patent preparation and prosecution as well as IPRs.

Kimani Clark

Differentiating the Firm

Lots of firms have partners with great experience. What really sets Kiklis & Clark apart is their second core principle – the focus on innovation. As their website states: “Kiklis and Clark strives to be the most innovative patent law firm in the industry, driving innovation in every aspect of service, operation, and technology.” Kimani comments that one of the reasons he founded the firm was that he wanted to be able to innovate faster than his previous firm would allow. Rowan Patents is a part of his strategy to innovate using technology.

Quality + Efficiency

One step to being innovative is to eliminate tasks that don’t need to be done. The next is to automate anything that can possibly be automated. But while implementing automation, Kiklis & Clark always keeps quality as their top priority. The use of technology can help keep quality at its highest. Kimani quotes a friend who comments: “If quality is your top priority, but you do not use technology that ensures quality, then is quality really your top priority? Or is it something you say is your top priority, but it really isn’t?”

For Kiklis & Clark, while they have the experience for quality, they don’t want to leave the pursuit of quality to just their experience, they want to utilize technology to demonstrate this commitment to their clients. The use of the technology in Rowan Patents helps them stand out when they are selling their services to potential clients.

The Technology

Kimani feels that efficiency is also a big part of innovation, and Rowan helps them to be more efficient. Rowan aids Kiklis & Clark in automating processes that they had done manually in the past. Their attorneys use Rowan Patents to draft their patent applications, and then they run the error checking software to ensure that the first draft is clean and of high quality before they share it with their clients. The result is more of their clients do not make any changes or even comments on the draft. Kimani’s team uses Rowan Patents for prosecution as well, including the Office action Shell Generator and the Rejection Navigator.

Since the implementation of Rowan Patents, Kimani feels that his team saves time, both for themselves and for him. And more importantly, their quality has increased. The analytical approach to the software catches mistakes before a draft is sent to a client. A worst-case scenario would be to send a draft to a client who finds a mistake you missed. Rowan helps Kiklis & Clark avoid this situation.

The Benefit

Finally, saving time and increasing quality equals making more money. The Kiklis & Clark attorneys and staff can spend more time on higher level tasks than they did before they began using Rowan. And a focus on higher level tasks results in higher level outcomes. The time spent on Office action responses is reduced. The quality is higher. Their clients spend less time dealing with patent office issues or any risks down the road if their patents end up in litigation. As Kimani concludes, this focus is fundamental to running a good business.

If quality is your top priority, but you do not use technology that ensures quality, then is quality really your top priority?

Kimani Clark, founding partner, Kiklis & Clark