Rowan TELS Partners with Quartz IP to Integrate Automated Prosecution Support into Patent Practitioner Workflow

Rowan TELS has partnered with Quartz IP to integrate the Rowan Patents integrated drafting environment with the PracticeLink IP practice management workflow suite.

With the release of version 2.2, PracticeLink users can access the Rowan Patents prosecution module directly from a PracticeLink workflow task to bring automation and improved consistency to Office action responses.

When an Office action is received from the USPTO, PracticeLink automatically identifies the document and the related matter, then routes it to the Docketing group to calendar a response. It also profiles and saves the document to the firm’s Document Management System, sends a copy to the attorney for review, and creates a draft reporting letter to the client, using each client’s preferred format.

Now, attorneys and professional staff can also receive a workflow task to prepare an Office action response. Rowan Patents then takes over by automatically identifying examiner rejections, retrieving and annotating the cited references, and building a response shell in the practitioner’s preferred format. Practitioners can easily analyze rejections and cited references via the interactive Rejection Navigator view of issues, claims, examiner remarks and cited art. A response writer makes for efficient response drafting by amending claims with automated markup styling and synching amendments to parallel claim elements.

PracticeLink continues to support the workflow with “soft docket” tasks to remind attorneys to review drafts with clients on their preferred schedule and ensure due dates are met and cleared from the docket.

Together, this process slashes the administrative time involved, improves consistency and efficiency of patent prosecution, and keeps attorneys focused on the “fun part” of prosecution: Creating real value for clients.

“As more practitioners seek ways to improve the efficiency and consistency of patent prosecution, it just makes sense to create a seamless experience by integrating our solutions with the workflow platforms attorneys are already using” says Patrick Hayford, Vice President Partnerships & Corporate Development at Rowan TELS.

Patrick Goodwin, Director of Practice System Integration at Quartz IP, agrees: “PracticeLink is designed to integrate all the information sources and tools IP professionals need into a single environment that helps everyone work more efficiently together. Incorporating Rowan Patents will help practitioners consistently use the best tool for the job at the right time.”

About Rowan TELS

Rowan provides cost-effective technology-enabled services (TELS) that address the complex legal challenges of corporations and law firms. Rowan Patents is an integrated end-to-end solution that provides all the elements to draft a patent – claims, drawings, and specification – in one product, synchronized and linked together to ensure consistency.

Rowan Patents helps professionals complete their goals more efficiently, with fewer errors and better quality. This is done by reducing the tedious, time-consuming tasks that account for a significant amount of patent practitioner time so they can focus on drafting and prosecuting meaningful patents.

About Quartz IP

Quartz IP was founded in 2006 by former legal industry executives around the principles of bringing together outstanding talent, staying closely connected with customers, and delivering practical solutions with no-nonsense advice to the legal industry.

PracticeLink is an IP practice management workflow platform that brings information from multiple systems together in an interface that saves time and helps practitioners stay focused. PracticeLink allows each firm to tailor every step of workflow and communication to support individual client needs, ensuring that efficient, automated processes still feel personal.

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