Stop wasting time with inefficient invention disclosure sessions

Time is valuable. So, make the most of it with disclosure sessions that enable patent practitioners to begin drafting your applications more quickly and effectively.

Engineered from the ground up to use automation to simplify the patent drafting process

  • Increase Efficiency

    Help your patent practitioners and inventors spend less time identifying the core of your company’s patentable inventions

  • Focus on High Value Work

    Make sure your practitioners can build the inventive concept more effectively by asking the right questions

  • Improve Your Bottom Line

    Reduce misunderstandings with your practitioners so they can begin drafting your patent applications, and filing them, more quickly


Rowan’s fully-secure invention management helps make invention disclosure sessions more productive with whiteboarding tools and the ability to capture information from inventors into the parts of an application (descriptions, patent drawings, figures, etc.), so practitioners get a head start on drafting your applications.