Choosing Patent Drafting Software: It’s Not Just About the Product

Over the last several years, Rowan has participated in global RFP processes and security reviews with large global companies and leading law firms. From them we have learned some of the elements that clients consider when selecting any software solution.

When evaluating patent drafting software, like any software, our clients tell us they consider not only the product itself, but also the company and teams behind it. Whether considering Rowan Patents, ClaimMaster,, Patent Bots, Juristat, PatentOptimizer or Harrity Patent Draftr, they are making a decision to change their workflow and invest time and money to do so.

At Rowan, we have used the revenues from the growth in our solutions to invest in our functionality and our development and customer success team which has proven success in scaling technology solutions. Since the merger of Rowan Patents with TurboPatent in late 2018, our team, all based in the US, has doubled in size and we continue to grow. We raised nearly $20MM from committed venture capital investors which we’ve invested in our patent drafting software to provide greater functionality and services to our clients. We will continue to do so, investing in our team so that we can continue to enable your success.

We have also incorporated myriad features based on increased user feedback.

Some questions our clients tell us they consider are:

  • Over the last three years, has the development team grown, stayed constant or shrunk?
  • Are there dedicated customer success representatives in place?
  • Will the team still be there in 5 years? 10 years?

Monitoring the investment in the resources behind the team is one factor that predicts the long term viability of the solutions our clients use, and helps to ensure their success.

By building an integrated drafting environment that incorporates features for all phases of the drafting and prosecution process, our goal is to give our customers the most “bang for their buck” in making that decision. We want them to be able to invest in one solution, as opposed to multiple features that will need the client to integrate among them. And, we want to continue a long term relationship where we continue to innovate and deliver value to our clients.