Rowan Patents Enables Attorneys to Spend Significantly More Time on High-Value Inputs

Kyle Yarberry describes himself as a “passionate, opinionated patent attorney” who has been lucky to work for, and learn from, a number of great patent attorneys and firms over the course of his career. His firm, IPkey PLLC, brings together a world class team focused on the entire lifecycle of clients’ patent portfolios, from application to issuance all the way to enforcement and monetization. “From the very beginning, we focus on developing assets that generate real value for our clients by clearing sales channels, driving litigation success, and supporting valuations.”

The biggest benefit that Kyle’s team gets from Rowan Patents is actually the value that his clients receive. “In my view, every single client should insist that their patent counsel use Rowan Patents because it generates return on investment.” His team gains efficiencies from Rowan’s dynamic numbering, reorganization, and analytics functions, and takes the time savings and pours them back into higher value inputs in the patent application. For example, with the time saved, they can draft additional claims that cover different implementations of the invention. Or they can more fully describe different points of novelty in the specification or build out alternative embodiments. Rowan Patents saves the IPkey team time on low value work like renumbering elements and gives them more time to work on aspects that ensure that the patents that will ultimately issue achieve the client’s strategic goals.

And that comes back to IPkey’s strategic focus – ensuring value for their clients. For any given time and budget, IPkey’s clients get a much more valuable asset because the attorney has spent more of their time on high value inputs. Kyle emphasizes that Rowan adds value at every stage of application preparation, and then also through the steps of prosecution. IPkey’s standard practice is to use Rowan Patents Drafting for all utility application and Rowan’s Prosecution for response shell creation and examiner statistics, which he believes are all part of a technology-augmented patent law firm in 2024. This gives his team a seamless process from start to finish. “Thanks to Rowan, our clients get a 30% or better patent for any given budget.”

Lastly, Kyle comments that the Rowan Patent team is “a lot more responsive and personal than working with any other software provider I’ve seen. They listen, and they implement, and that is so important in a partner.”

In my view, every single client should insist that their patent counsel use Rowan Patents because it generates return on investment.

Kyle Yarberry, IPkey PLLC