AmLaw 100 Firm Uses Rowan Patents to Increase Efficiency

Jennifer Lane Spaith is a Partner at an AmLaw 100 firm and represents companies of all sizes primarily in patent prosecution and portfolio management. She works with a wide array of technologies including virtualized software systems, electronics, wireless communication systems, artificial intelligence and neural networks, artificial and virtual reality (AR/VR) applications, LiDAR systems, and clean or renewable energy technologies including purification technologies and waste-to-energy systems. 

The Business Challenge

Jennifer has sophisticated clients that expect a high level of consistency and attention to detail in their patent applications. Her firm’s clients also expect their patent drafting to be done in an efficient and cost-effective manner. She needed a drafting tool that gave her the ability to turn around an integrated application with professional draft drawings quickly and efficiently. Her biggest initial pain point was around creating draft drawings for approval. Without an integrated drawing tool that fit her needs, Jennifer would hand-draw her patent drawings and send them to outside draftspeople, which resulted in delays in both getting draft drawings to her clients and integrating them into the core application following approval.

The Transformation

Jennifer initially used Rowan Patents to create draft drawings for client approval. However, she quickly found that the advantages of Rowan Patents go far beyond just the drawing tool. Because the drawing tool is integrated with the patent specification and claims, Jennifer doesn’t have to worry about checking for consistency and can instead focus on articulating inventive concepts. Put another way, because the tool tracks for consistency and errors – the “mundane” things in a patent application – Jennifer can spend her time on the higher-level aspects of producing a quality patent application such as novelty and claim strategy. “I need to be able to turnaround professional looking patent drawings quickly and the drawing tool in Rowan Patents is built specifically for the kind of drawing and labeling that we do all the time.”

The Technology

Jennifer likes the fact that Rowan Patents is built on a sophisticated natural language processing engine. The natural language processing adds real value by keeping the elements of the application consistent, thereby increasing the accuracy of the patent application and adding efficiency to the drafting process. As Jennifer says: “When I use Rowan Patents, I am spending more of my time on describing the invention and drafting claims that protect the invention and less time on double checking that everything has stayed consistent. So even if I spend the same amount of time on an application the work product is better; and that’s good for my clients.”

The Benefit

“When I use Rowan Patents my work product is better, and that helps me provide a higher level of quality to my clients.”

Using Rowan Patents has helped me to focus my time on higher value work, while efficiently creating professional patent drawings and application drafts with the internal consistency and attention to detail that my savvy clients expect.

Jennifer Lane Spaith, Partner, AmLaw 100 firm