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Focus on Large Language Models – January 2024

At Rowan Patents, we’ve been actively reviewing the advancements in Generative AI and the use of Large Language Models like ChatGPT, and we are excited about the improvements they can bring to content generation for patent preparation and prosecution.

As with everything we do, the most important voice to listen to is that of our clients. We’ve been talking with them extensively and using their guidance to develop our own perspectives.

What have we learned?

First, our clients are enthusiastic about this rapidly changing environment. Almost every single client is trying out Large Language Models in some fashion.

At the same time, they are cautious. They want the attorney to remain in control, and to use AI/LLMs as a tool to help them. We agree and believe that AI/LLMs provide an additional technology layer that will ultimately allow attorneys to focus on their highest value tasks in the patent development process.

Almost every single client is trying out Large Language Models in some fashion.

While the idea of an engine that takes a disclosure and spits out a complete application might be intriguing, there are many issues to be settled before that could even be considered.

They want to be cautious about confidentiality and prevent accidental disclosure. In many cases, especially with our large firms and large corporate clients, they plan to roll out their own private language models to protect their confidential information and it will be incumbent upon their patent technology providers to ultimately work directly with those models.

We are told that what is allowed to be done with AI/LLMs will be task based. Certain tasks will be approved for LLM use, and other tasks will be banned from such use. And likely, different LLMs will be used for different tasks – for example LLMs dedicated to images. A large life sciences company is likely to have several language models for different product areas. A large IP firm might have several language models that represent different areas of the law.

Without a doubt, this has been and will continue to be a fast moving area, and we look forward to evolving our views based on what our clients tell us. Next month we will discuss our product plans that align with our client perspectives.

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