Omnibus Patents with Rowan

Omnibus patents can be hard to manage for both drafters and reviewers. Here’s where patent drafting software from Rowan can really help.

One of our power users recently shared an excellent use case where drafting in Rowan Patents made filing an omnibus patent application much easier, not only for him but for his clients as well:

I wanted to let you know about a particularly helpful use case for Rowan Patents we discovered.

In our work we often receive disclosures for inventions that are closely related to one another. They either build on one another, or work together somehow. But, they are distinct inventions for which the client wants separate patents.

What we do in these cases is create one big Specification and set of Drawings, describing all the inventions in one application. This way, we can claim them separately, or together, which is legally valuable.

However, this complicates the inventor’s job in reviewing the application, because often the inventors aren’t all the same for all the inventions, and so if sent out one huge document, the inventors end up reading a bunch of stuff that isn’t relevant to their particular invention.

The ability to create separate RP files, each with drawings, description, and claims focused on one specific invention is very helpful in this case. We draft separate files for each invention, the inventors review these focused drafts separately, and then when it’s time to file, we merge everything into one big application quickly (using the handy drag/drop merge feature), add the legal boilerplate, and tweak the titles and docket codes before filing each application separately.

We feel one of the real strengths of the integrated drafting platform provided by Rowan Patents is its ability to rapidly bring together numerous smaller building blocks to form a complete application. A claim set can be drafted in one file, a client’s preferred boilerplate text can be stored in another, and these, along with drawings and descriptive text across multiple files, can all be merged together within seconds, with all part and figure numbering and references updated automatically.

In designing patent drafting software to support a modular and flexible workflow, our goal is to give you, the practitioner, and your clients, your time back. As this user relates, the integrated drafting environment of Rowan Patents lets you and your inventors focus on fully supporting points of novelty, while we make the more iterative, tedious, and time consuming tasks as quick and easy as clicking your mouse.