TurboPatent helps Thermo Fisher Scientific Increase Their Level of Patent Filings at a Fraction of the Cost of Outside Counsel

The Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific is a $20+ billion revenue company based in Waltham MA that specializes in testing instrumentation. The company sells testing equipment used in diverse places like airport security, mineral mines, microchip fabs, and medical labs.
The Team: Phil Makrogiannis, the Vice President of Intellectual Property for the life sciences portion of the company leads an in-house team of 30+ patent attorneys, patent agents, paralegals, and patent searchers. This in-house team handles about 75% of Thermo Fisher’s patent preparation and prosecution in-house, but relied on outside counsel for some patent drafting work.
The Issues: Makrogiannis discovered that his team had to spend considerable effort revising patent applications drafted by outside counsel, which impacted both their budget and productivity. At the same time, Thermo Fisher was acquiring more companies and growing their patent portfolio without commensurate growth to their in-house team.
The Need: The Thermo Fisher IP team needed to maintain, or preferably increase, their level of patent filings without additional resources or budget.
The Solution: Automated Invention Protection Service (AIP) by TurboPatent® uses advanced AI and machine-learning tools to allow TurboPatent Engineers to draft extremely high quality patents for Thermo Fisher quicker and at a fraction of the cost of outside counsel.
Results: According to Makrogiannis:

“TurboPatent’s drafting services have provided a great solution to our problem. Our team is quite involved and protective of the portfolio and TurboPatent has been flexible to plug into our workflow and timely to match the team’s expectations. For applications already pending, TurboPatent has been helpful in suggesting claim amendments to overcome patentability rejections (especially 101 rejections) by the USPTO. I would highly recommend TurboPatent as an alternative to outside counsel and a means for driving efficiency in your in-house team.”