Why Does A Single Platform For Developing a Patent Application Matter?

Rowan frequently talks about how we provide an integrated tool for drafting a patent application. What does this really mean? What benefits does it provide to practitioners and their clients, whether internal or external? Why not just use a simple add-in to an existing product? How is Rowan different from other patent drafting tools like PatentOptimizer, Patent Bots, ClaimMaster, or Harrity?

An All in One Solution for Drafting Patents

The answer is that Rowan Patents gives you ALL of the elements you need to draft a patent – claims, drawings, and specification – in ONE place. Why does one place matter? It means that all the elements of your application can be synchronized and linked together across the entire application to ensure consistency It also means you don’t have to copy and paste between multiple tools that are not connected to each other. Finally, it means that when you make a change in one place, the dynamic environment can update the entire application where the change is appropriate. And, when we talk about patent automation, one of the benefits is the consistency that this provides.

Rowan Patents uniquely accomplishes this by keeping all the elements of your patent application correlated through an object-based set of terms. Terms are the connection between the claims, specification, and the drawings. So, for example, if you have a claim term not in the drawings/specification or a drawing element that does not have a reference in the specification, our analytics will identify it for you. And because the terms are objects, if you change a term, you don’t have to perform a search and replace in order to ensure it is changed properly everywhere; you simply change it in the term manager and the entire application is updated. Some patent automation tools like Patent Bots do error checking of your draft. We do this as well. However, all of the tools have gaps and false positives. Wouldn’t it be better to not make mistakes in the first place? Our patent drafting tools help you to build your patent applications right the first time. Through the use of objects and real-time checking, Rowan Patents essentially eliminates rejections under § 112.

Furthermore, because Rowan Patents was designed specifically for drafting patents it simplifies and/or eliminates most of the other things that are unique to drafting patents. For example, the system handles numbering of figures and parts automatically. So, if you add a drawing in the middle of your set of drawings or a part to a drawing, the system automatically renumbers every part and every reference to that part throughout the application. Similarly, if you drag and drop to change the order of drawings all references are automatically updated. Same with claim numbering. We do it all for you. Move one around and everything gets renumbered, even the dependencies are maintained. Rowan Patents makes mundane tasks a thing of the past.

A Better Use of Your Time

Rowan Patents frees you up to spend more time on the strategic elements of patent drafting and prosecution, and that equates to one thing: better client service. Changes that inevitably arise after the first draft of the patent no longer look out of place or get altered to avoid time consuming work. Because whether the changes are driven by you, someone in your organization who has reviewed the draft, or from a client meeting, they are easier for you to implement.

Smarter Automation Ensures Consistency

Finally, because Rowan Patents is built for drafting patents, we are able to easily customize and build automations. There are several patent drafting tools like ClaimMaster, and Harrity that help with the first draft. However, these other patent automation products that are add-ins or AI still require you to switch back and forth between the tool for the specification and the tool for the drawings. For these other tools, ensuring consistency between the two is your job. This takes your time. With Rowan, it is our job. We do it for you.

Rowan Patents automates routine tasks like claim transformations, flowchart generation, content reuse and more. But only Rowan goes further and enables the dynamic environment of changes that come after the patent automation. Again, this increases efficiency and improves your client service.

Does it take a little time to learn a new patent drafting tool? Yes. But Rowan’s hands-on personalized training experience has proven that if you work with the system for 1 month or less- you will see 20%+ efficiency gains.

Rowan Patents frees you up to spend more time on the strategic elements of patent drafting and prosecution, and that equates to one thing: better client service.