Rowan Patents Launches New Application Import Tool to Accelerate Application Drafting

Today, Rowan Patents announces the ability to import existing patent applications, including the specification and claims text as well as the figures. All simultaneously. This assists patent practitioners in jumpstarting their application drafting and enables efficient re-use of existing work product.

A practitioner can now either enter a publication number or upload existing material into Rowan Patents for easy and efficient reuse of language and figures from previous applications. The imported content is converted into the Rowan Patents integrated drafting environment which automatically captures terms, definitions, and active part numbers, saving the practitioner time in reusing existing material. This converted material can be revised quickly and consistently throughout the patent application. This is helpful where a practitioner is looking to leverage prior material they didn’t draft, for high volume clients where reuse is high, and for new users to Rowan looking to leverage existing material not in Rowan files. As always, Rowan’s patent drafting software keeps the different parts of the patent application synchronized automatically, ensuring consistency and quality.

For published documents, Rowan Patents retrieves the published patent or application from a public database such as Google Patents. It then extracts the text of the specification, and parses its content, automatically identifying text that appears to be terms, definitions, and part references. Simultaneously, Rowan Patents pulls the PDF of the figures, and uses OCR technology to identify part numbers and applies proprietary heuristics to match those numbers to the appropriate reference in the specification. Rowan also overlays active part numbers on the background images of the figures. The user is then able to review the active part numbers for accuracy.

This same process can be used for an unpublished application by uploading the specification and claims as a docx file, and the figures as a PDF file into Rowan Patents.

Once imported, the practitioner can utilize the powerful capabilities of Rowan to accelerate the drafting of an entirely new application.

To learn more about the new application import functionality of Rowan Patents, contact us for a discussion and demo here.