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Patent Prosecution Analytics Benchmarking Report – March 2023

In our February newsletter, we again asked for input on your patent practice, asking questions about the use of patent drafting software. This month we are pleased to report on the results we received.

The first question was relatively basic – asking if the respondents use patent drafting software in their practice. 65% of the respondents reported NO use of patent drafting software beyond basic word processing and drawing tools. This tells us that the market of patent drafting software is still relatively young.

Will the patent preparation and prosecution industry follow others like architecture and accounting/tax, where adoption of industry specific automation solutions is nearly universal?

We next asked what patent drafting software the survey respondents use. The answers were:

  • ClaimMaster
  • Patent Bots
  • Rowan Patents

Our next two questions delved into the strengths and weaknesses of the tools the respondents use. For strengths, we received answers including:

  • Reduces drafting time
  • Integrated drawing tool
  • Easy to use, cheap
  • Automatic renumbering makes changes easy
  • Creates an application shell for me
  • Recent support for chemical applications is very useful

Weaknesses identified included:

  • Software is not useful for certain types of technology
  • Takes a while to learn
  • Not very comprehensive
  • Only addresses the claims and specifications – not the drawings
  • While we can’t identify which solutions the respondents addressed these topics to, they are worthwhile input.

Lastly, we asked the respondents to identify what percentage efficiency gain they would consider to be a success when selecting patent drafting software. We offered four options: 10%, 20%, 30% and 50%. We got a mix of answers, the most popular being 30%.

While the patent drafting software industry is still young, there are clearly a number of worthwhile solutions which patent practitioners are starting to utilize, looking for higher quality, greater efficiency and better client service.

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