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Patent Prosecution Analytics Benchmarking Report – June 2023

Changes in Technology Centers 2100 and 2400 Between 2011 and 2021

This month we continue our study of the spread of Technology Centers that received granted patent applications. We continue comparing two sets of data – patents granted in 2011 and patents granted in 2021 to see which “Groups” that the USPTO lists on their website had become more “popular” – receiving a larger share of granted patents, and which declined. Our analysis this month investigates two more of the Technology Centers – 2100 Computer Architecture and Software and 2400 Networking, Multiplexing, Cable and Security.

In Technology Center 2100, we saw one group – 2130 Memory Access and Control – with significant growth, gaining over 345% in terms of the share of patents granted. Another significant growth was in Group 2190 – Interprocess Communication and Software Development which experienced a 63% gain. And lastly we saw a smaller increase in Groups 2140 & 2170 – Graphical User Interface and Document Processing which gained almost 11%.

Among the declines, Group 2120 – AI and Stimulation/Modeling – saw a greater than 77% decline. Smaller declines were experienced by 2110 – Computer Error Control, Reliability & Control Systems – which experienced a bit more than 17% decline, and 2180 – Computer Architecture and I/O with slightly over 11%. Staying almost flat at a 0.28% decline are Groups 2150 & 2160 – Data Bases & File Management.

As we moved into Technology Center 2400 we did not see such large swings and declines. One Group – 2430/2490 Cryptography and Security experienced a significant gain of almost 29%. The largest decline – just over 25% was Groups 2440/2450 – Computer Networks.

Smaller increases of 4.49% and 3.07% respectively were experienced by Groups 2410/2460/2470 – Multiplex and VoIP and 2420 – Cable and Television. And the last Group experienced an extremely small decline of 0.37% – 2480 Recording and Compression.

Next month we will continue our analysis with Technology Centers 2600 (Communications) and 2800 (Semiconductors/Memory, Circuits/Measuring and Testing, Optics/Photocopying, Printing/Measuring and Testing).

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