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“If you’re still writing patent applications in Word, you are missing out!”

“Rowan Patents will quickly become an essential tool for patent prosecutors.”

“Rowan Patents has cut my drafting time in half.”

“Using Rowan Patents has helped me to focus my time on higher value work.”

The end-to-end solution transforming how enterprises protect their IP

Corporations now expect the efficiency, quality and price offered by technology enabled legal services.

Rowan’s patent drafting software gives the patent practitioner an integrated drafting environment. The end-to-end solution, consisting of invention disclosure, drafting, prosecution and portfolio monitoring solutions, uses automation to take care of the tedious, time-consuming tasks that soak up the time of patent professionals so they can focus on the important work: thinking strategically about your inventions and successfully prosecuting meaningful patents.

  • Invention Discovery/Disclosure: Simplify invention capture so your firm can begin drafting patent applications more quickly. Learn more.
  • Patent Drafting: Limit the tedious drafting tasks that take up your practitioners’ time so they can focus on the high-value work. Learn more.
  • Patent Prosecution: Keep patent prosecution on track by helping your practitioners focus on strategically addressing examiner rejections. Learn more.
  • IP Portfolio Monitoring: Understand the prosecution history of your company’s patents and their relationship to patents from competitors to inform strategic filings and licensing opportunities. Learn more.