Software Built Specifically
for Drafting Patents

The Only All-in-One Drafting + Drawing Patent Software

Changes Made in the Drawing Automatically Update in the Spec

(and Vice Versa)

Save Time and Minimize Mundane Work

So You Can Focus on High-Value Tasks

Using Rowan Patents has helped me to focus my time on higher value work, while efficiently creating professional patent drawings and application drafts with the internal consistency and attention to detail that my savvy clients expect.” —Jennifer Lane Spaith, Partner, AmLaw 100 firm

Software Built from the Ground Up Specifically for Patent Drafting and Prosecution

  • Get a head start on drafting by capturing information from invention disclosure sessions into the parts of a patent application (descriptions, drawings, figures, etc.)
  • USPTO-compliant authoring tools ensure applications are formatted correctly from the start, with built-in knowledge of patent application formalities and rules
  • Easy-to-use patent diagram drawing tool is integrated with the authoring suite to auto-populate terms throughout the application

Complete Time-Consuming Tasks Quickly

  • Save hours on revisions and promote consistency – changes to claims, terms and numbering ripple through the entire patent application
  • Cut the review time with AI that analyzes applications for novelty, antecedent basis, claim support and more. Suggestions are presented in a Microsoft Word document for easy editing
  • Limit the time spent drafting diagrams with a library of industry-standard illustrations, diagrams and descriptions that can be quickly repurposed for your patent applications

Automation Helps You Focus on Important Tasks

  • Auto-generate diagrams with Authoring technology that extrapolates process flows from existing written claims in a single click
  • Create Office action response shells automatically using your firm’s custom templates. Responses are ready for arguments in minutes
  • Automate the technical aspects of claim amendments in Office action responses so you can spend more time refining the amended language and constructing winning arguments

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Why Does A Single Platform For Developing a Patent Application Matter?

Rowan talks about how we provide an integrated patent drafting tool. What does this mean? What benefits does it provide? What makes Rowan different from other tools like PatentOptimizer, Patent Bots, ClaimMaster,, or Harrity?

The answer is that Rowan Patents gives you ALL of the elements you need to draft a patent – claims, drawings, and specification – in ONE place. All the elements of your application are synchronized across the entire application to ensure consistency

Rowan Patents uniquely accomplishes this by keeping all the elements of your patent application correlated through an object-based set of terms. Terms are the connection between the claims, specification, and the drawings.

Furthermore, Rowan Patents simplifies and/or eliminates most of the other things that are unique to drafting patents. For example, the system handles numbering of figures and parts automatically. So, if you add a drawing in the middle of your set of drawings or a part to a drawing, the system automatically renumbers every part and every reference to that part throughout the application. Move one around and everything gets renumbered, even the dependencies are maintained. Rowan Patents makes mundane tasks a thing of the past.

Rowan Patents frees you up to spend more time on the strategic elements of patent drafting and prosecution, and that equates to one thing: better client service.

A number of patent drafting tools automate routine tasks like claim transformations, flowchart generation, content reuse and more. But only Rowan goes further and enables the dynamic environment of changes that come after the patent automation. Again, this increases efficiency and improves your client service.