Streamline your workflow and ensure consistency and quality across your portfolio

Rowan Patents gives your portfolio managers a real time window into the status of every application from invention disclosure all the way through issuance. Work seamlessly with inventors, internal/external practitioners, and portfolio managers to streamline the flow of your patent portfolio development.

Engineered from the
ground up to simplify the
patent process

  • Increase Efficiency

    Have more patent applications drafted in less time with USPTO-compliant patent drafting tools that automates tasks and maintains consistency throughout applications

  • Focus on High Value Work

    Empower your practitioners to focus on high-value work by using patent drafting tools that take care of tedious duties, such as claim formatting, numbering and term consistency

  • Improve Your Bottom Line

    Get the most out of your IP spend with efficient drafting and patent prosecution that deliver low-error applications that receive less Office actions than the USPTO average


Rowan Patents includes a dashboard architecture that draws data from each step in the patent drafting process, allowing customers to monitor invention disclosures, patent preparation and prosecution on a variety of customizable metrics and benchmarks.