NEWS: Schwegman Users Report Productivity Gains with Rowan Patents

In a survey of a group of attorneys at Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner who use Rowan Patents to draft the majority of their applications, reported efficiency gains are between 20 and 50%, in addition to reduced errors and better consistency. This allows them to focus on higher value work and provide better client service.

The purpose-built patent platform transforming how enterprises protect their IP

Corporations now expect the efficiency, quality and price offered by technology-enabled legal services.

Rowan’s patent application software puts the corporation in control. The end-to-end platform, consisting of invention disclosure, drafting, prosecution and portfolio monitoring solutions, uses automation to take care of the tedious, time-consuming tasks that soak up the time of patent professionals so they can focus on the important work: thinking strategically about your inventions and successfully prosecuting meaningful patents.

  • Invention Discovery/Disclosure: Simplify invention capture so your firm can begin drafting patent applications more quickly. Learn more.
  • Patent Drafting: Limit the tedious drafting tasks that take up your practitioners’ time so they can focus on the high-value work. Learn more.
  • Patent Prosecution: Keep patent prosecution on track by helping your practitioners focus on strategically addressing examiner rejections. Learn more.
  • IP Portfolio Monitoring: Understand the prosecution history of your company’s patents and their relationship to patents from competitors to inform strategic filings and licensing opportunities. Learn more.