Corporations expect better, faster and cheaper patent drafting and prosecution

You have heard a lot about the integration of patent application software into the drafting practice. However, it’s difficult to know what’s fact and what’s fiction. But knowing the difference can help your company patent its inventions more quickly and cost-effectively, enabling you to maintain your competitive edge.

Corporate clients are asking for vendor services to be better, faster and cheaper – and legal services are no exception. As technology solutions like Rowan’s patent drawing software become further integrated into patent practice, evaluating how your IP program can benefit from it will help you remain competitive in an industry where legal-tech solutions take the place of manual processes. In fact, one-third of the top 30 AmLaw 200 patent firms have already embraced Rowan’s technology.

The integrated drafting environment that Rowan Patents provides with an end-to-end solution brings efficiencies to firms by taking care of the tedious editing and formatting tasks that normally eat up a significant amount of attorney time. This frees them up to focus on the things their corporate clients value – describing the inventive concept and drafting patent applications that are more likely to be granted. Are your practitioners utilizing patent application software to employ a technology-assisted patent process? 

About Rowan Patents

Rowan Patents (formerly TurboPatent) offers an end-to-end solution of patent drafting software to automate and improve the antiquated patenting process. We are doing for patents what Computer-Aided Design (CAD) did for architects and engineers – creating an integrated drafting environment to help professionals complete their goals more efficiently and with better quality. These patent drafting tools are transforming the way enterprises protect their IP, giving them more control by making their practitioners productive. This is done by reducing the tedious, time-consuming tasks that account for a significant amount of patent practitioner time so they can focus on drafting and prosecuting meaningful patents.

In 2018, TurboPatent merged with Rowan and the combined efforts have rapidly advanced the development of Rowan Patents. Rowan tackles the shortcomings inherent with today’s legal-tech solutions for patents. The legal consulting services team is comprised of executives with decades of legal, transactional and consulting experience that can provide industry-best strategies for corporate clients. They offer deep domain expertise, senior service, end-to-end solutions, and the flexibility to deliver patent drawing software in a way that works best for each client.

The Rowan Patents Integrated Drafting Environment

Invention Management



  • Invention Management: Get more out of invention disclosure sessions with whiteboarding tools and the ability to capture information from inventors into the parts of a patent application.
  • Drafting: Includes: integrated drawing tool, claims drafting, automated content, automated diagrams, and more
  • Library: Simplify patent drafting with a repository of industry-standard figures, illustrations, etc.
  • Review: Rowan reviews applications for novelty, antecedent basis, claim support and more
  • Shell Generator: Generate Office action response shells using your firm’s custom templates with 5X greater efficiency
  • Rejection Navigator
  • Response Writer: Automate technical aspects of claim amendments in Office action responses so practitioners can focus on refining the amended language