TurboPatent Launches AI-Powered RoboReview to Improve Patent Drafting

SaaS tool reduces a patent review from days to seconds through automation; Company also launches a product that automates responding to patent examiners

SEATTLE – June 28 – TurboPatent® (turbopatent.com), experts in automating and streamlining the patent protection process, today launched two artificial intelligence (AI) products, RoboReview and RapidResponse. Both products utilize Automated Invention Protection (AIP) to create high-quality patent filings and improve the success rate for companies going through the patent review process.


RoboReview is a new software as a service (SaaS) tool that utilizes AI and predictive analytics to automatically analyze draft patent applications for novelty, patentability, antecedent basis, claim support, term consistency and more. It dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes for lawyers to review a patent application and eliminates human error.

“RoboReview uses natural language processing and advanced algorithms specifically tuned for patent practice to quickly reveal and comment on very complex issues in patent claims,” said TurboPatent Founder and Chief Legal Counsel Charles Mirho who ran a patent law firm for 20 years, and has written and prosecuted thousands of patent applications. “It’s far superior to other software tools for this purpose, on par with the analysis an experienced patent attorney could provide in far shorter time and much lower cost.”

A typical patent review takes days when done by a person but just seconds with RoboReview. The staff time and billable hours saved with RoboReview can be put to better use for clients.

When patent lawyers have a near-final draft of a patent application, they typically send it out for review to paralegal(s) and/or managing partners, and in some cases review committees. RoboReview can perform the same review almost instantly, while minimizing the need for outside intervention. 

“Like any procedure that involves people, the review process is subject to human error,” said TurboPatent CEO James Billmaier. “TurboPatent automates the most tedious and time-consuming parts of the process, which drastically cuts down on the likelihood of potential issues going unnoticed. That leaves humans to decide whether or not to submit a patent and if so, what alterations need to be made.”

To use RoboReview, lawyers just drag and drop the draft application for review onto RoboReview. It quickly analyzes the application and generates two reports: 1) Predictive Analytics to inform strategy and set expectations, and 2) Automatic Application Review which provides review comments in the familiar format of Microsoft Word. Because RoboReview is a web-based, SaaS tool, there’s no software to install and it can be used across platforms and devices.


Also today, TurboPatent introduced RapidResponse. It assists writing a response to an Office action, a written correspondence from a patent examiner that requires a written response from the applicant in order for a patent application to continue.

RapidResponse utilizes AI to:

·      Automatically calculate and present claim status indicators in real time

·      Auto-generate textual summary of claim amendments

·      Auto-format amended claims with USPTO compliant markup

·      Present live preview of markup while editing

·      Automatically number, order and adjust for dependencies

·      Export claims to Microsoft Word format with markup and status indicators

·      Import clean claims with status

·      Import currently amended claims with markup

RapidResponse is available for free as an added feature to TurboPatent SmartShell which simplifies responding to patent examiners by automating the creation of an Office action shell.

RoboReview is available as a monthly subscription with unlimited use or on a per use basis.

About TurboPatent

Based in Seattle, Washington, TurboPatent Corp., the leader in Automated Invention Protection (AIP), has created an automated patent creation and analytic system which is used to produce patent documents and monitor patent quality throughout the prosecution process. The company is comprised of entrepreneurs, developers, and patent professionals who have many years of experience in increasing patent quality and efficiency through streamlining and automation. Learn more at turbopatent.com.