TurboPatent + Trello Take the Hassle out of Inventing

Invention Hub Trello Power-Up
Announcing the new Invention Hub Power-Up for Trello

If you’re like many of the leading companies that use Trello (and the more than 35 million registered users), you rely on it to help you manage your development, engineering, and technical projects. We use Trello at TurboPatent and have heard from many of our clients that they do as well.
If companies are working on projects organized in Trello that are of a technical nature, it is possible that they will contain intellectual property that can be converted into protected assets. That’s where our brand new Invention Hub Power-Up comes in.
Here are three benefits of adding the Invention Hub Power-Up to your Trello boards.

  1. A simple click of the Power-Up button on a Trello card will create a new idea in your Invention Hub account and populate it with all of the technical aspects described on the card.
  2. You already use Trello to manage technical projects with your team so connecting it to the platform you use to convert ideas into protected assets is a no-brainer. The less time you spend collecting and documenting your ideas, the more time you have for inventing.
  3. Instead of putting another task on your to-do list, you have the ability to add new ideas to Invention Hub when you’re already thinking about them. Administrative work can be time-consuming and get pushed down the priority list so it’s important to act when an idea is top-of-mind.

Visit https://turbopatent.com/inventionhub/ to get a free Invention Hub account.
You can view the Invention Hub Power-Up and add it to your Trello boards here: https://trello.com/power-ups/5b2d506c62609bf9e8922158/invention-hub