The case for a legal IDE

Legal IDE

An article recently published by Law Practice Today makes the case for the creation of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the legal professionals. The author, Samuel Harden, discusses how such a tool would significantly simplify the drafting process, allowing lawyers to spend “…far less time worrying about the inane details of [their] documents, scrolling through case law or jumping from one piece of software to the next.”
At TurboPatent, we agree that lawyers would benefit from the use of technology tools and automation. Attorneys dedicate a lot of time, and therefore a lot of billable hours, to process-driven tasks, such as formatting, that can be minimized through technology. That’s why TurboPatent we created patent drafting tools that use AI and automation to streamline patent drafting and responding to Office actions, making the process faster, easier and more accurate.
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