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TurboPatent’s Revolutionary Invention Hub Helps Companies Capture More Intellectual Property

Free technology platform gives innovative companies the tools to track ideas and convert them to protected assets

SEATTLE, WA – (Oct. 5, 2018) – TurboPatent® (, experts in automating and streamlining the patent process, have released Invention Hub™ to help companies capture more of their intellectual property (IP). This one-of-its-kind technology platform provides a system of record for a company’s IP, where they can collaboratively document and track their innovative ideas, as well as convert them into protected assets ‒ patents or trade secrets.
Small to medium-sized companies rarely employ Intellectual property managers and, as a result, lack organizational processes for recording and patenting inventive material. Thus, many patentable ideas fall through the cracks and are never protected. The CTOs, engineering managers and technology-focused CEOs in charge of IP need an easy, standardized way to manage, cultivate and protect their company’s ideas.
“Innovative companies of all sizes can benefit from established IP processes but typically only large organizations have them due to high cost,” said TurboPatent CEO James Billmaier. “Through the use of technology, Invention Hub empowers de-facto IP managers to more easily track and convert their company’s vital technology into protected assets.”
A simple idea diary enables team members to submit ideas and upload all associated documents (PDFs, images, etc.) so they are kept in one place. Users also benefit from a built-in invention drawing tool specifically designed to describe possible patentable material easily, with automated labeling functionality.
After an idea is described in Invention Hub, a user can run predictive analytics to compare the language and subject matter in the invention description to thousands of applications filed at the USPTO, for originality and eligibility comparison rates, allowance rates, art unit predictions and more. These analytics provide the “IP manager” with the data to make smarter patenting decisions, such as whether to protect it as a trade secret, or have a patent application drafted.
“Half the struggle of IP protection is capturing the ideas,” said SEEVA Technologies CTO, Geoff Deane. “Invention Hub helps my team quickly structure its thinking and allows us to spend less time writing and reviewing, and more time inventing. It focuses our intellectual property strategy, and that makes us better inventors.”
The status of each idea is presented in the dashboard view, allowing for easy reporting to the leadership team or board of directors.
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