TurboPatent Announces Launch of New Invention Hub Power-Up for Trello

New Power-Up streamlines invention process, offering easy idea capture for Trello users

SEATTLE, WA – (Oct. 12, 2018) – TurboPatent® (turbopatent.com), experts in automating and streamlining the patent process, have a new Trello Power-Up available in the Power-Up marketplace.
With more than 35 million users, Trello is the visual way for teams to plan and collaborate on any project across all teams.
The free Power-Up can be added to Trello boards, and enables users to expedite the creation of new ideas in Invention Hub™. The Power-Up is a link between Trello and a user’s Invention Hub account. With a single click, users can create a new idea and populate it with all of the technical aspects of the invention, described on the Trello card.
This makes it more efficient than ever for an engineering team (inventor, CTO, etc.) to begin managing, evolving and collaborating on ideas in Invention Hub.
“This integration with Trello gives inventing organizations a seamless way to access Invention Hub from a tool they already use to manage their projects,” said TurboPatent CEO James Billmaier. “Our intention is to make the invention process as easy and transparent as possible for our clients and this new Power-Up helps us accomplish this goal.”
Invention Hub is a free SaaS-based software platform that makes it easy for companies to capture more of their intellectual property (IP). It provides a secure system of record for a company’s IP, where they can collaboratively document and track their innovative ideas, as well as convert them into protected assets ‒ patents or trade secrets.
Small to medium-sized companies rarely employ specialized staff to manage IP and, as a result, lack the organizational processes for recording and patenting inventive material. Thus, many patentable ideas fall through the cracks and are never protected. The CTOs, engineering managers and technology-focused CEOs in charge of IP need an easy, standardized way to manage, cultivate and protect their company’s ideas.
Visit https://turbopatent.com/inventionhub/ to get a free Invention Hub account.
You can view the Invention Hub Power-Up and add it to your Trello boards here: https://trello.com/power-ups/5b2d506c62609bf9e8922158/invention-hub.
About TurboPatent
Based in Seattle, Washington, TurboPatent provides Automated Invention Protection services purpose-built for mid-tier companies that need to obtain patents but don’t think they have the time, capital, and patience to do so. TurboPatent’s U.S.-based TurboPatent engineers help companies source patentable ideas, then use proprietary tools to draft high-quality patents that typically receive half as many Office actions as industry averages. This means clients receive higher quality patents that provide better protection in less time and for less cost. Learn more at turbopatent.com.