Want to increase your IP team’s output? Here’s how…

If your company uses an in-house team to draft and file even a small percentage of your patents, you are probably concerned about efficiency and productivity. Your team’s output takes a hit when it spends too much time waiting for initial drafts and then revising applications and Office action responses drafted by outside counsel.
But what if you could find an alternative to outside counsel that was easy to work with, fast, and flexible enough to plug into your in-house team’s workflow? Not to mention, one that averages nearly one less Office action per application than the USPTO average – which means less time and less money.
That’s where TurboPatent® comes in.
Our drafting services group can seamlessly work with your in-house team to increase productivity and help with overflow work. Not only that, We can also help with applications already in the pipeline by suggesting claim amendments to help overcome rejections.
But don’t just take our word for it. Read what Phil Makrogiannis, VP of Intellectual Property for ThermoFisher Scientific has to say about working with us.

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