New book aims to get startup CEOs and CTOs quickly up to speed about patents

The essential introduction to patents for startup founders, CEOs, CTOs, entrepreneurs, or any non-lawyer who needs a quick education about patents and their value to a company.
The 30 Minute Patent MBA is not intended for lawyers. It is for business leaders, technologists, and/or entrepreneurs working in early stage startups to midsize businesses—basically any company that does not have a dedicated Intellectual Property (IP) staff and a multi-million dollar IP budget.

This short primer on patents will—quickly, and in plain English—teach you:

  • Why you should bother with patents
  • What exactly is a patent
  • How you know if you have a patentable idea
  • How you obtain a patent (step by step)
  • How long it takes to obtain a patent
  • And much more

Before now, the topic of patents has been taught as an overwhelming complicated legal matter. The 30 Minute Patent MBA makes it easy to understand how to secure and exploit the intellectual property rights due you or your company. Download it today.