Grow your firm’s patent preparation and prosecution profits

with TurboPatent’s Technology-Powered Authoring Services

  • High-quality patent applications

    You receive high-quality patent applications and office action responses (full or partial) in a timely fashion

  • AI-Based Tools Ensure Accuracy

    Our team uses AI-based drafting tools to deliver applications free of 112 errors

  • Free Analytics Included

    We include free analytics reports that show Art Unit prediction and 101, 102/103 risk

  • Outsource in the U.S.A.

    All work is performed in the U.S. by U.S. citizens

We help law firms scale by providing U.S.-based patent outsourcing

High quality patent applications and Office action responses

  • Timely turnaround
  • Quality assured
  • Attractive rates
  • Collaborative review within TurboPatent
  • All work done within the United States by U.S. citizens

You’re In Control

  • Law firm maintains client control and management
  • Law firm provides IDF & Claims & does final review
  • TurboPatent works with law firm’s workflow

Deep Domain Expertise

AI, Software, Digital Media & Information Technology, Aerospace & Aeronautics, Electronics & Semiconductors, Agriculture & Food Science, Financial Services & Business Methods, Alternative Energy & Clean Technology, Heavy Industry, Tools & Machinery, Automotive, Transportation & Power Sports, Medical Devices & Procedures, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Communications & Networking Technology, Optics, Consumer Products & Services, and Construction & Home Improvement

TurboPatent also offers some of its automation software for practitioners to use directly.


SmartShell™ by TurboPatent® automates the generation of Office action shells, enabling your staff to improve efficiency and focus on higher value work, thus increasing your profits.


RoboReview™ by TurboPatent automatically reviews draft applications and amended claims amended claims for novelty, patentability, antecedent basis, claim support, term consistency and more.