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We make patenting painless

Now you can turn inventions into patentable assets without disrupting your day-to-day product development work

Better Quality

All patent work is done entirely in the U.S. by U.S. citizens using our AI-based system. This results in extremely high-quality documents, free of 112 errors.

Fewer Touches

Our automated patent process results in better, more efficient extraction and less back-and-forth—which greatly improves turnaround time.

How It Works

Free Consultation: Introductory Call

It’s a quick way for you to get initial answers to your patent questions and learn about our TurboPatent process. It only takes 5-10 minutes.

Invention Discovery Call

During this 30-60 minute call, you’ll consult with one of our U.S.-based patent experts who will learn more about your invention and discuss patentability and uniqueness.

Patent Application Drafting

Our experts use our AI-based automation tools to engineer a high-quality provisional or non-provisional patent application. In about half the time it takes a traditional law firm to draft a patent, we’ll deliver a fully USPTO-ready patent application that includes detailed, consistent, and technically-accurate specifications and ready-to-file drawing sheets.

We also use RoboReview, an automated, AI-based quality reviewer, to run a final quality check. We send that report along with all draft applications we write for you.
You can use RoboReview too to check the quality of your assets.
RoboReview can run quality reports on:

  • Granted Patents and Published Applications
  • Draft applications and Office action response from your outside counsel

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