Legal Management Consulting

Rowan provides senior advisory services for business leaders looking to craft and implement corporate legal strategies that deliver competitive differentiation.
Our management consulting services are designed for three primary groups:

  • Financial buyers, sellers and investors: Rowan assists in pre-investment or transactional diligence, including sector analysis and competitiveness research. Rowan also provides post-merger management solutions designed to capture strategic gains through legal departments. In connection with potential acquisitions, investments, divestitures and similar transactions, we have assisted private equity and venture capital investors in evaluating specific IP assets and broad technology landscapes for both individual businesses and entire industries.
  • Lenders and underwriters: When lenders or underwriters want their own view of a company’s competitive IP position they come to Rowan TELS for unbiased evaluations that are user-friendly enough to take to committee.
  • IP organizations: Rowan delivers comprehensive intellectual property strategies that strengthen a company’s position in the marketplace. Our team also creates successful targeted acquisition programs and IP license or transaction syndication plans.